Taking Back our Future

I have lost all faith in my parent’s generation.  As it stands they are beginning to become of retirement age and many are beginning to do so.  As this is happening this same generation is in charge of pretty much every part of society.  The most important position that they control is that of the US government, especially congress.  It seems that as they are on their way out, they are trying to make sure that they can live the rest of their lives in peace with no worries in the world.  Sure they deserve a decent retirement for working hard all these years, but they are doing something that to me is a little suspect.

They are passing bills like health care, and massive spending bills with no regard to the debt that they are racking up.  It looks as if they are racking up all the benefits they can just before they hand everything over to the next generation.  Once they hand things over it will cease to become their problem and all the blame will be placed on those who inherit their problems.

Regarding health care, who is it that gets sick the most and needs health care the most?  Yes it’s the seniors in our population.  Who do they need to buy insurance to help them pay for the seniors? They need us.  Those of us in our 20’s and early 30’s who are healthy; many of which opt not to buy insurance because we are healthy.  The seniors already have medicare which in itself is a mess.  Not only is it riddled with massive spending oversight with fraud that totaled 60 billion last year, the amount that will soon be qualified to partake of its services will soon cause it to break.   In the past 1o years congress has passed a few health care provisions one being the huge prescription drugs supplement under Bush.

Our generation needs to stand up and be heard before what is left or our republic is sold out to the highest bidder by our greedy seniors.  Maybe they should accept that things cannot get better without a little pain.  The sooner the pain is faced the less it will hurt.  The longer they wait before they wake up the more it will hurt when everything becomes unsustainable.

I really wish there was some younger people running for congress from our generation.  Someone in their late twenties maybe who would stand up and let our voice be heard.  I am not looking forward to being shackled by what is passed on, but if things continue as they are that is exactly what will happen.

This analysis may seem insignificant to some but never rule out those things you think are so.  As Odysseus states “You’ll come to learn a great deal if you study the Insignificant in depth.”


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Funny Look Alikes

I saw a thread the other day on look alikes and laughed the whole way through.  So I thought I would post some of the funny pictures from a variety of places.

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53828__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 34

53835__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 41

53839__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 45

53840__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 46

53842__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 48

53846__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 52

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53856__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 62

53860__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 66

53861__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 67

53862__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 68

53863__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 69

53865__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 71

53866__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 72

53875__468x_Suspected trace comparison image 81




It seems that the internet has brought about an age of needless comparison, and it is glorious.

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Net Neutrality


This post is something that is close to my heart.  That is the future of the internet is at stake.  Tomorrow October 22, Congress will be voting on a new provision that amounts to regulation of the internet.

What is the greatest thing about the internet? One word sums it up FREEDOM.  The growth of the internet has been extremely fast, most of the rapid growth can be attributed to a lack of restrictions.  This lack of restrictions has allowed brilliant minds to try new an innovative things.  These innovations have had a large impact on the day to day life of many people around the world.  The internet has become something that most people 25 and under simply cannot live without. The beauty of the internet is that anybody can visit any site and seek out any content they desire.

First off let me say that as a computer forensics graduate student, most if not all law makers, have no idea how the internet works.  All they know is what people have told them.  I don’t believe that congress is capable of creating a bill to specifically address the problems they want to address.  Some of the language I  have seen is extremely vague and open to interpretation.  Yea……..Judges know even less about the internet……I would not like them making interpretations on vague language.

Okay, lets get down to some of the specifics.  Net neutrality is basically a concept that says that all information traveling across the internet should be treated equally.  The problem with this idea is that the internet faces congestion or bottle necks in certain pipes.  In the most recent years, many sites have started streaming HD video, and many users play MMO’s.  These activities result in large areas of traffic.  If all content is supposed to be treated equally, should these sites be subject to extra fees?  Sites like Google and Yahoo have massive traffic.  Why? because they are the best at what they do.  Should we now punish their innovation and make them pay more for their traffic because they use up more bandwith than Joe Blow’s blog page?

If speed is regulated it would have some consequences.  If  Joe Blow here doesn’t have enough money to pay for this extra speed, going to his website would now take longer.  Every website you visit would have a different load time depending on the regulated speed that it has paid for.  Who wins in an environment like this?  Those providing the internet connections that’s who.  Now they can collect payments from major internet companies in addition to their normal consumers.

Some point to Comcast which has already started bandwith metering.  Comcast has imposed a limit of 250GB monthly cap on broadband usage.  Comcast it seems is forcing its subscribers to move more towards streaming their media rather than downloading it. Now I might mention that net neutrality will have an effect on piracy, and many are hoping that such a law will crack down on illegal file sharing across p2p networks, but I beg to differ.  The hacker is always 10 steps ahead of the law makers.  Where there is a will there is a way, and with the collective population of the internet, the way usually presents itself rather quickly.  Example……new CD protection making it impossible to put the songs from the CD on your computer was cracked in less than a day……..haha.  What we need are trained law enforcement like myself to patrol the waters and crack down on internet crime.  Enforcing the laws that already exist is the best way.

Proponents use the term “net neutrality” to refer to a rigid regulatory regime that could allow the US government to get in the way of innovation and new technology.  Ultimately net neutrality will limit the choices of consumers, tie the hands of innovators, and the price tag will be passed on to consumers.  Regulation of the internet will be a large mistake.  More regulation is always bad.

Don’t be deceived, the king always appears as a harmless beggar who later overthrows those who underestimate him.  Just as Odysseus reclaimed his domain in the Odyssey.  We must be wary of the harmless beggar, in this case “net neutrality”.

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State of affairs

The more I look at this country and the direction we are going in, the more concerned I become.  Many people recently have also noticed the direction and have taken it upon themselves to become informed of our constitution and all that it represents.  These people have learned that the United States has slowly moved away from the country our founding fathers framed, and has morphed into a beast of giant government that tries to take care of its citizens.  Those who are reading this and think

“well that guy is just a Republican who is upset that his candidate didn’t win the election”

are terribly mistaken.  This movement that has begun in America is completely devoid of partisan lines.  Many believe that like me the most recent elections have been about electing the candidate that is the lesser of two evils.  When dealing with the lesser of two evils, in the end you still get evil.  No I’m not calling the government evil, just using the phrase as an example.  The problem is that both parties have taken our country down the path of ruin.  We have strayed from our principles of freedom and liberty and have allowed these principles to be replaced by ideas that promote common shared wealth.

One of the largest infringements on personal liberty happened several years ago under President Bush.  Yes, on September 11, our country suffered a travesty that will not soon be forgotten.  The shock that our country suffered from these attacks was used by those in power to pass the Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act is commonly referred to as the largest infringement on civil liberties since the inception of our country.  Were we scared, yes.  However, the words of Benjamin Franklin come to mind

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”.

Franklin’s statement goes directly to the issue.  We as Americans gave up liberty in order to feel safe again.  And the politicians were watching.  Now it has become common for politicians to try to get votes by trying to scare the American people.  Why? Because they know that if they can get us scared then they can pass anything they want.

Flash forward several years and we enter a time when our country is facing a financial crisis.  Bush again tells the nation that if we do not pass something like a stimulus package then we will suffer another great depression.  What happens?  A stimulus was passed that our country could not pay for.  Then our new president entered office on the platform of change.  What has he done since being elected?  He has followed in the footsteps of those before him and continued down the path that’s moving away from the constitution.

Once again we were threatened with another great depression if we didn’t pass another stimulus package we couldn’t pay for.  What happened? We passed it so fast that the congressmen neglected to even read the bill.  Why was the bill so long and needlessly complicated?  Perhaps so that it would become so long that nobody would be able to read it and things that have no place being in the bill could be put somewhere in the middle and nobody would be the wiser.

Now we are trying to spend our way out of an economic crisis.  We are the guy who has all of his credit cards maxed out and cannot afford to pay his next months bill.  What does he do?  He gets another credit card with which to pay his bills.  This is a temporary solution that will stop the creditors temporarily but in the end the only thing that can happen is that everything will come crashing down around the man in spectacular fashion.  The debt that the federal government is currently incurring is something that will be passed down to my generation.  Our founding fathers had something to say about this.

“We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.  We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and solitude”. Thomas Jefferson

I will take this a step farther, I believe that not only the current president, but the previous 4 and congress are all immoral.  “Whoa that’s some pretty strong words there” you might say.  Well yes they are, but I am not the only person to feel this way.  I share this view with somebody you might find familiar Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson believed that it was immoral for one generation to incur debt that would burden future generations even in times of war.  This is why whenever our government incurred a debt in the past they would immediately strive to pay it back.  They wouldn’t even mind if taxes were raised because they saw it as their responsibility to future generations to not leave them a debt to take care of.

The current movement is a byproduct of these views.  The mainstream media tries to paint the protesters as right wing nut jobs.  Let me tell you that the majority of the protesters are real Americans who have taken to the streets out of concern for this great country and the direction it is going in.  We need to stop listening to those who try to sew the seeds of division and label this a partisan deal.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have a feeling that if our founding fathers were alive today, they would not be members of either of the current political parties.  Why? Because both parties Republicans and Democrats have strayed so far from the original principles this nation was founded on they have become organisms that perpetuate division.  Those elected have sold their sole to their party in order to get themselves elected and I say it has to stop.

Real Americans are finally standing up, we are living in historic times.  We the people are finally understanding that the direction the politicians are moving us in is not the direction we want to go in.  And we are now standing up and shouting at those in Washington.  The only problem is that our shouts seem to be landing on def ears.  But they can’t ignore us forever after all, it is us that they answer to.  Sooner or later they will have to answer to We the people, and I’m sure not many of us will be happy with their answers.

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So my cousin convinced me to start a blog so that I can write about the randomness that sometimes enters my mind that I feel compelled to write about.  So its me Oddysseus the king if Ithaca from the legendary Odyssey…….I know what you are thinking, you spelled it wrong.  Odysseus only has 1 d and my response to that is that I just couldn’t resist the calling of double d’s……………..yea bad joke.  Anyways this is just a first post to test stuff out on so I will keep it brief.  Oh all who want to see my art profile at deviant art here is a link.  My art is somewhat sporadic as it is once again confined to the random whims I have.  Anyways here is the link here.

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