So my cousin convinced me to start a blog so that I can write about the randomness that sometimes enters my mind that I feel compelled to write about.  So its me Oddysseus the king if Ithaca from the legendary Odyssey…….I know what you are thinking, you spelled it wrong.  Odysseus only has 1 d and my response to that is that I just couldn’t resist the calling of double d’s……………..yea bad joke.  Anyways this is just a first post to test stuff out on so I will keep it brief.  Oh all who want to see my art profile at deviant art here is a link.  My art is somewhat sporadic as it is once again confined to the random whims I have.  Anyways here is the link here.


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  1. So yeah, you are officially a dork and also linked on my blog. Have fun manipulating the voices of the great songs! lol

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