Taking Back our Future

I have lost all faith in my parent’s generation.  As it stands they are beginning to become of retirement age and many are beginning to do so.  As this is happening this same generation is in charge of pretty much every part of society.  The most important position that they control is that of the US government, especially congress.  It seems that as they are on their way out, they are trying to make sure that they can live the rest of their lives in peace with no worries in the world.  Sure they deserve a decent retirement for working hard all these years, but they are doing something that to me is a little suspect.

They are passing bills like health care, and massive spending bills with no regard to the debt that they are racking up.  It looks as if they are racking up all the benefits they can just before they hand everything over to the next generation.  Once they hand things over it will cease to become their problem and all the blame will be placed on those who inherit their problems.

Regarding health care, who is it that gets sick the most and needs health care the most?  Yes it’s the seniors in our population.  Who do they need to buy insurance to help them pay for the seniors? They need us.  Those of us in our 20’s and early 30’s who are healthy; many of which opt not to buy insurance because we are healthy.  The seniors already have medicare which in itself is a mess.  Not only is it riddled with massive spending oversight with fraud that totaled 60 billion last year, the amount that will soon be qualified to partake of its services will soon cause it to break.   In the past 1o years congress has passed a few health care provisions one being the huge prescription drugs supplement under Bush.

Our generation needs to stand up and be heard before what is left or our republic is sold out to the highest bidder by our greedy seniors.  Maybe they should accept that things cannot get better without a little pain.  The sooner the pain is faced the less it will hurt.  The longer they wait before they wake up the more it will hurt when everything becomes unsustainable.

I really wish there was some younger people running for congress from our generation.  Someone in their late twenties maybe who would stand up and let our voice be heard.  I am not looking forward to being shackled by what is passed on, but if things continue as they are that is exactly what will happen.

This analysis may seem insignificant to some but never rule out those things you think are so.  As Odysseus states “You’ll come to learn a great deal if you study the Insignificant in depth.”


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